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IHV Splash Screen 2

New features in v7.0

The new Network Dashboard provides a snapshot of network health and makes it easy to identify and fix problems. With an enhanced MultiConfig, you can simultaneously configure hundreds of devices, from any manufacturer, even while they are in operation.

  • Provides at-a-glance visibility of key network performance and security indicators with a visual Network Dashboard
  • Configures hundreds of SNMP-enabled devices from any manufacturer simultaneously, not just those from Hirschmann and GarrettCom, with a powerful MultiConfig feature

Free of Charge 16 Node Version

With immediate effect we are providing a fully functional version of Industrial HiVision, with no time limit, free of charge.

The free of charge version has the following characteristics:

  • It can manage a maximum of 16 nodes.
  • It supports all functions offered by the paid version, except sub-domains.
  • Only one free of charge license can be used per installation.
  • The license cannot be combined with other licenses. So if an Industrial HiVision installation has a 16 node free of charge license, and a 32 node paid license, the system will support 32 nodes.
  • The license never expires.
  • Industrial HiVision v06.0.04 or more recent is required.

Although the license is free of charge, the Industrial HiVision installation must still be registered, in a similar way to a paid license. There is no Registration Code. The license portal now includes a new licensing option: “Create free of charge 16 node license”. The customer must enter the hardware key of the installation PC. Unlike a paid license, the free of charge license will not be displayed on screen. It will only be delivered by email, to ensure that the entered email address is valid.

The first Network Management System with Maritime Approval

After several years of effort and coordination, Industrial HiVision v6.x has become the world’s only Network Management Software to achieve DNV and GL approval for use in maritime environments. Industrial HiVision passed all tests in accordance with Germanische Lloyd Rules and Guidelines for the Use of Computer Systems Edition 2013. The certificate has been issued on the basis of GL Guidelines for the Performance of Type Approvals, Chapter 1 - Procedure (VI-7-1), Edition 2007.

In plain language, this means that GL has assessed and approved our development process, maintenance releases procedure, documentation, and customer issue handling. As a foundation of this approval, GL has inspected and confirmed full traceability of all features, test cases and issues. So what does this mean in our competitive world? The answer is simple but powerful. Yet again we have another innovative and unique solution for our customers. Only Hirschmann can offer a GL certified network solution, which reaches from the physical infrastructure right up to the network management system.

New Features in Version 6.0

This is version 6.0 of Industrial HiVision, a network management system for supervising products from Hirschmann and GarrettCom, as well as any SNMP-enabled products from any manufacturer. A main focus of this release is security functionality. This includes security functionality for the software itself, and also new ways to configure and supervise security functions on network infrastructure equipment.

User Roles
For the first time, Industrial HiVision supports user roles. These roles include read-only, read/write, the ability to create additional users, and whether a user can access the Industrial HiVision server via a web browser. When users are created, they are assigned one of the above roles, with the corresponding rights.

LDAP and RADIUS Authentication
Single sign-on is a function which is common in today’s corporate networks. It effectively means that a user has a single set of credentials which can be used for multiple services. A standardised protocol known as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is commonly used. Industrial HiVision v6.0 offers user authentication via LDAP. Many Hirschmann customers are using an alternative authentication method known as Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS). This is traditionally used to authenticate connections to network infrastructure devices such as switches and routers. It is less common to use it to authenticate to software applications. However, for the convenience of customers who are already using RADIUS, Industrial HiVision also offers RADIUS authentication.

Audit Trail
A common reason for networks to fail is that somebody has made an unauthorised change to a network infrastructure device. An Audit Trail is a log file which cannot be deleted by a user. Industrial HiVision now uses the Windows Event Log or Linux SysLog to store information about actions taken by operators. In the event of a network problem, or just for standard auditing, an administrator can review user actions in the Audit Trail.

Security Status View
As network infrastructure devices become more complex, ensuring that these devices are secured becomes more challenging. For the convenience of end customers, many unsecure options are enabled on switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points by default. This is to make it easy for the customer to connect to the devices’ interface for the first time. It is essential that these unsecure protocols be disabled when the network is live. On the other hand, it is very easy to overlook a protocol or a complete device. Industrial HiVision now offers an overview of the security status of each Hirschmann network device at a glance. The overview can be customised to suit the security requirements of each customer’s network.

Security Lockdown
As mentioned above, the security of network infrastructure devices is critical. Industrial HiVision now supports a Security Lockdown feature. This allows the network administrator to apply standard security functions to a range of devices with a couple of clicks. So a task which previously would have taken quite some time, and run the risk of errors through repetition, can now be completed in a couple of minutes. The Security Lockdown also acts as a convenient guide, to remind the network administrator which security functions should be used.

Rogue Device Detection
Another common reason for network failure is the unauthorised attachment of additional devices to the network. In the past it was difficult for the network administrator to determine if new devices have been connected. In v6.0 of Industrial HiVision, the network can be scanned periodically. Any new devices which are attached to the network, and are in the same IP address range as the other network equipment, will be discovered by Industrial HiVision. The devices will be added to the Rogue Devices folder, and the network administrator will be notified by a new entry in the event log.

IP/MAC Address Pairs
Firewalls are used to determine which devices can transmit data into or within a network. The devices are usually identified by their IP address. A common method to circumvent the security provided by a firewall is to use the IP address of a device which is already authorised to transmit data. There is a standard way to detect this attempt to bypass the security function. Every device which is capable of transmitting data has a MAC address and an IP address. These two addresses form a pair. No two devices have the same MAC address. So if one device attempts to transmit data using the IP address of another device, the IP/MAC address pair will change. Industrial HiVision monitors these IP/MAC address pairs, and will notify the network administrator is the pairing changes.

Device Configuration Signature Check
Many Hirschmann customers, for example machine builders or wind turbine manufacturers, are responsible for the maintenance and supervision of machinery and networks that they sell to their customers. This means that they are responsible if a network fails. As mentioned previously, a common cause of network failure is unauthorised changes to the configuration of network infrastructure devices. Industrial HiVision offers a configuration signature check. This is a checksum for a device’s configuration file. If a change is made to the device configuration, the checksum will change. The new checksum is highlighted in Industrial HiVision, so that the network operator immediately knows that something has changed. Even if the change is reverted, the checksum will not revert to its previous value. So there is no way to deny that a change has taken place.

Configuration File Compare
The configuration signature check is a great way to notify administrators that a change has been made. But it does not provide information about the change itself. The new Configuration File Compare function does exactly this. It opens the current and reference configuration files of a device side by side in a window, and highlights which parts of a device configuration have changed. This makes it very easy for a network administrator to see and assess the changes.

Supported Operating Systems
Microsoft has now discontinued support for Windows XP, so Industrial HiVision 6.0 is no longer officially supported on this operating system. For the first time, Industrial HiVision is now supported on Windows 8.1. Some of our larger customers are using Red Hat Linux distribution. This is an attractive distribution for corporate users, as it is possible to get technical support. As requested by these customers, Industrial HiVision is now supported on Red Hat 7.0.

HiMobile New Features
HiMobile is a client for Industrial HiVision, which runs as an app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone tablets and phones. Version 2.0 includes new functions requested by our customers. It is now possible to see the status of Industrial HiVision sub-domains. This means that the status of a complete network is available at a glance. This latest version now includes graphical topology maps. The maps are not active, but they provide a snapshot o the network status at the time the map was downloaded. This means that the user has the same graphical view of the network via a PC or a phone. We have many customers, such as wind turbine plants or pipelines, where the switches or routers are located at different geographical locations. The GPS coordinated of each device can be manually typed into Industrial HiVision. Or more conveniently, they can be transmitted to Industrial HiVision from the HiMobile app when the user is standing next to the switch. Industrial HiVision is then able to open an Internet-based map application, such as Google Maps, and show the location of the devices directly on the maps.

New Features in Version 5.0

Hirschmann announces a major new release of its Industrial HiVision network management software. Version 5.0 of Industrial HiVision builds on the success of previous releases, adding extensive customer-driven functionality. This results in a pragmatic network management solution which meets the specific challenges of configuring and supervising an industrial Ethernet network.

HiFusion Third Party Device Integration
Like their office counterparts, industrial networks are becoming more heterogeneous. Rarely does a network consist of equipment from a single manufacturer. HiFusion, a tool provided free of charge with Industrial HiVision v5.0, is a stand-alone application which facilitates the integration of any SNMP-capable device into Industrial HiVision. HiFusion also includes a wizard, to guide users through the creation of the integration files. Industrial HiVision v5.0 now offers the best of both worlds: the device management granularity of a manufacturer-specific application and the device management diversity of a generic open network management platform.

Distributed Network Management
Whilst industrial networks are becoming larger and more complex, at the same time they must have the highest operational availability. This presents a unique challenge for the network management solution. Industrial HiVision v5.0 offers an intelligent response: distributed management. A network management hierarchy provides master and slave network management stations, to ensure that any size of network can be supervised.

Set-up Wizard
Mark Cooksley, Industrial HiVision Product Manager, points out: “In the office world, network management is the domain of the IT department; experts with many years of IT experience. In the industrial world, not everyone is an IT specialist. Industrial HiVision was designed from the ground up to be a product which will be used by automation engineers. The project set-up wizard in v5.0 will take you step-by-step through the most daunting task: getting started. Of course the resultant configuration can be customized later, to fulfill your exact requirements.”

Other Functions
Mark Cooksley adds: “Network management in an industrial environment has its own set of challenges. Our customers are our inspiration. Their functionality requests are the life blood of Industrial HiVision. Version 5.0 has incorporated many of these requirements, resulting in a product which is best in class for consistent management of an industrial communications system.”

Additional new features include:

  • Scheduler
  • Device response times (network baselining)
  • Event forwarding
  • Event escalation
  • "I'm Alive" emails, including events
  • Audio alarm
  • and many others

New Features in Version 4.4

VLAN Viewer
Although configuring VLANs on Hirschmann products is simple, an unintentional typing error can result in countless wasted hours of fault-finding. Previous versions of Industrial HiVision provide a clear and accurate topology map of the physical connections, effortlessly created using Auto-topology Discovery. Version 04.4.00 goes one step further. Industrial HiVision automatically discovers the configured VLANs. Simply select one of these VLANs, and all network components, links and end devices which are not a member of this VLAN are greyed out. You have an immediate visualisation of the VLAN, as though it was a physical network. In addition to the topology map, the Ports section shows you the Ingress and Egress rules for every port across the network. And of course the Properties section provides the PVID and VLAN Membership of every port in concise tables. So stop wasting time fault-finding VLANs. Be certain that your VLAN configuration is correct, before your network goes live, and throughout the duration of your network lifetime. In addition, by exporting this information as a csv file, you can quickly and accurately document your complete network VLAN configuration.

VLAN Ingress Rules
To assist you with the rapid creation of VLANs, and to reduce the possibility of errors, it is now possible to configure the VLAN Ingress rules across multiple devices simultaneously, using MultiConfigTM.

Protocol Statistics
The Reporting Tool, introduced in v04.2.00, and enhanced in v04.3.00, provides comprehensive long-term data about your network. But our customers demanded more: specifically, packet loss and response times to and from individual devices. The new Protocol Statistics function provides this information, in a readily accessible table format. Packets sent and received from a device are displayed, including errors, timeouts, and % loss. Response times are presented as minimum, maximum, and average, as well as standard deviation. This information is available for both SNMP and ping protocols. The data is invaluable for proactive network fault-finding. It can also be exported as .csv files, to augment the information contained in your monthly network report.

Edit Mode Timer
Sometimes, in terms of usability, the little things can make all the difference. So the Edit Mode now has an optional timeout, to ensure that one client cannot permanently deny write access to other clients. And the Document Device function now offers the option to include or exclude the device password in each product documentation file. Functions to make your job easier.

Windows 64 Bit Version
As the size of industrial networks increases, the number of devices which must be supervised by the network management system also increases. Right from the start we offered a Linux native 64 bit version. But many customers use Microsoft Windows as their corporate standard. So for the first time, Industrial HiVision is available as a Windows native 64 bit application. Now you can simply and safely configure and supervise complex networks using Windows-based machines.

Languages for Manuals
To reflect the global nature of our customers, Industrial HiVision has extensive support for languages. The application itself inherently supports eight major languages. We offer language packs to allow our sales channels and end customers to create their own language versions. It is even possible to reverse the screen, so text runs from right to left. We have now extended this principle to the product manuals. In addition to English and German, the manuals are available in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Support for New Products
Hirschmann is constantly bringing new innovative products to the market, and Industrial HiVision will always be updated to manage these devices. This version includes integration of our latest products, including the Rail Switch Power (RSP), Embedded Ethernet Switch (EES), the EAGLE20-0400, the EAGLE30-0402, the BAT low cost client (BAT-C), as well as an extensive range of Schneider Electric PLCs.

New Features in Version 4.3

Event Log on Mobile Devices
Network management is a key component of network availability. Therefore having access to the information provided by a network management system is critical. Industrial HiVision 4.3 enables you to have this information at your fingertips. The event log is available as a standard HTML page, optimised for viewing on smartphones and tablets. Events can be filtered and acknowledged, allowing you to see exactly the information you require. Access to the event log is password protected. Now you can stay in control wherever you are.

Extensive Additional MultiConfig™ Functionality
MultiConfig™ allows you to configure multiple devices simultaneously. During network installation this saves time and reduces errors. During live operation it facilitates regular tasks such as changing device passwords. The number of configurable parameters has now been greatly increased, resulting in greater cost savings when configuring and maintaining your network.

Visualisation of Link Medium
Industrial HiVision enables you to create maps which accurately reflect the real topology of your network.Background images, such as floor plans, enhance the effect. Now the maps present a visual indication of the cable media type. The network operator can see at a glance whether a connection is copper, fibre, or wireless. As an added benefit, the printable maps facilitate more detailed network documentation.

Configuration Status Display
Devices whose running configuration is different to their stored configuration pose a hidden but real risk to network availablility. A reboot of the device will cause the wrong configuration to be loaded, resulting in network downtime. Industrial HiVision now provides a visual indication when the stored and running configuration of Hirschmann switches is not the same.

WLAN Bridge Link Status
WLAN bridge links are a cost effective and reliable way to provide point to point network connections. For optimal operation, the antennas of the Access Points must be accurately aligned. Over time, environmental conditions such as strong winds can cause the antennas to become misaligned. In Industrial HiVision, the link status of bridge connections between Hirschmann BAT devices is visualised using Signal to Noise Ratio. As a result, the network operator is notified when the link signals start to deteriorate, and can react before a link fails entirely.

Support for GarrettCom Products
Industrial HiVision v4.3 supports devices from the following GarrettCom product lines: 6K, 10KT, DX, 10ETS, and 12KX. Customers can now benefit from the synergy between GarrettCom's comprehensive product range and Industrial HiVision's extensive network management functionality.

New Features in Version 4.2

Long-term Reporting
Collecting information over time, and displaying that information in a user-friendly fashion, is an essential part of network supervision. Trending your network's performance is also an invaluable tool for fault-finding and diagnostics. Using the new reporting tool, Industrial HiVision v04.2.00 allows you to store long-term data about any network or device parameters. Pre-defined templates enable the data to be presented in bar or line chart format, which can be viewed using the built-in PDF viewer. Alternatively the information can be stored in Microsoft Excel format, and can then be manipulated to produce graphs that exactly match your corporate identity. You can create graphs for a fixed period of time, cumulative graphs, or ongoing sequential graphs.

Line Thickness
Would you like to know the speed of your network links at a glance? It is now possible to automatically display the link speed in the topology map, with the speed of the links represented by different line thicknesses. The faster the link speed, the thicker the line.

Windows 64 Bit Operating System
For the first time, a Windows 64 bit operating system is supported. Industrial HiVision has been successfully tested with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, which is now an officially supported operating system.

New Devices Supported
In addition to the BAT Controller, OCTOPUS Basic, and Embedded Ethernet Module (EEM), devices from the following manufacturers have been added to Industrial HiVision: ABB, Advantech, Epsom, INSYS, Meinberg.

New Features in Version 4.1

Duplex configuration check
One of the biggest causes of network downtime and application failures is duplex mismatch. This means that one end of a link is configured as half duplex, and the other end to full duplex. Duplex mismatch is usually caused by a misconfiguration of auto-negotiation. IHV4.1 can show duplex mismatches across every link in a network, thereby reducing the possibility of network failure, and contributing to the highest possible network availability.

Path Availability Calculator
The single most important factor for an industrial network is availability. Whatever happens, the network must be operational. Network availability is expressed as a percentage of planned up time. Typically this would be 99.999%, also known as 5 nines, which translates as approximately five minutes unplanned downtime per year. Calculating the availability of an entire network is impossibly complicated. The Path Availability calculator calculates the availability of a communication path between two nodes, taking into consideration any redundant paths.

User Defined Menus
Industrial HiVision is more than just a network supervision tool. It is the control centre for your entire network. User defined menus allow administrators to define additional menu items which appear when an operator clicks on a device. This allows relevant third-party applications to be launched directly from within Industrial HiVision. Of course, the menu items can be password protected, to ensure the highest level of security

Consecutive Reboot
Even with the most stable network, it is sometimes necessary to reboot the infrastructure. The new consecutive reboot function allows you to automatically reboot your network, one device at a time. This allows you to get the job done with the minimum of disruption.

New Features in Version 4.0

Integration of third-party devices
Industrial HiVision v4.0 makes it simple for network administrators to integrate any manageable third-party products, no matter whether these are network infrastructure products or end devices. All managed products offer a standard feature set which can be supervised, for example the status of a connection to a device. In addition, options such as device-specific functions, status propagation and long term history can be made available using the standard intuitive interface. You decide the level of supervision detail to suit your own requirements.

Enhanced auto-topology discovery
For the first time the software is able to detect unmanaged switches and hubs and display their position within your network diagram. The software is also able to determine the network topology of devices which are located behind a router. This results in an unprecedented level of topology detail.

Not only will MultiConfig™ allow you to configure the same parameters across multiple devices simultaneously, but it will also show you where there is an inconsistency between parameter configurations. It even works across different types of devices, where those devices have parameters in common.